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FTT pre-construction prayer & worship night

GFC Launch Update… Student Ministry, Prayer Night, & More!

T minus 11 weeks and counting until mission launch!     What’s new this week? Wow, the weeks are counting down fast! The first physical evidence of GFC in Fort Thomas is now visible at the property…a window sign that says GFC is coming in September is now up! On the construction project side, no…


Are You All In?

That’s the question that echoed throughout this year’s High School Camp. When it comes to following Christ, there’s no holding back. You have to be ALL IN, or you’re not in at all. There are risks involved and temptation to doubt the hand you’ve been given, but Christ is worth more than anything we put…

Becoming a Contagious Christian

Upcoming Class: Becoming a Contagious Christian

If you are like most people, you have a desire to share your faith with others but you don’t have much practice or you’re not sure how to turn conversations to spiritual matters. Come join us for a six week class and see what it means to be a contagious Christian.  We will look at…