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As a church that promotes worship as a foundational pillar, we take the song selection seriously.  One genre we often pull from is hymns.  Hymns are full of timeless truth and rich metaphors. Unfortunately many hymns lie dormant in dusty hymnals because these truths are buried beneath archaic language and melodies that are currently unknown or uninspiring.


With a desire to preserve the important truths found in hymns, a small group of songwriters from within Grace Fellowship met to retune a handful of hymns from the past and modernize them for the present.  This team’s desire was to adjust the old language and melodies without compromising the life-changing message, pulled from the pages of Scripture.

This vision has led us to the recording of our first original CD based on 6 hymns.  Acutely aware that biblical truths never lose their relevancy, the group carefully developed the CD “This Truth Remains”.

-Brad Spence (Director of Worship)


TTR Sample from graceky on Vimeo.