Come Hungry, Go Boldly Lunch @ Fort Thomas

  • 12:30 PM
  • Fort Thomas Campus

Both prayer and ministry are all about dependency on a good God who loves us. One way we can practice our personal dependency on God is by fasting while we pray!

Introducing Come Hungry, Go Boldly!

Here’s how it works:

Saturday, Dec 9 – The whole GFC family (individually) skips meals and prays a local ministry

Sunday, Dec 10 – We gather together to break our fast and celebrate who God is and what He’s doing!

Register HERE or below for lunch at the Fort Thomas Campus (this one’s on us!)

Fast and pray for Campus Outreach:    

  • For students at local college campuses who love Jesus enough to share His love with others

  • For staff who are courageous enough to go into college campuses to preach to the lost

  • For resources (physical and  spiritual) to be provided, so that the ministry can grow

  • For Taylor Babbs and Isaac & Faith Kain to be protected, blessed, and used by God to make disciples who will then disciple others

What better way to support our local ministries than to Go Boldly in prayer to the generous God who owns all the resources in the universe?

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