Prayer is one of our big rocks, yet it doesn’t have a very public face on a typical Sunday morning.


Did you know the Florence Campus has a Prayer Room?  It’s true!  

Take a walk down the hallway running alongside the right side of the auditorium, and you’ll see it.  It is open and available for your use at any time the church is open. No need to reserve it or schedule it or anything like that. Just drop in!

Someone already in there?  Your call.  You can slip in quietly and join them (or to pray silently), or feel free check back another time.


So here are some ways you can use the Prayer Room to the glory of God.
  • Waiting for one of your kids who is serving during a service?  Consider using that time to go to the Prayer Room and spend time praying Lord and interceding for our church family.
  • Arrange a group to gather on a regular basis to pray for the body (and men, this isn’t just for the ladies. God would be pleased to have you taking the lead on this and inviting others to join you).
  • Meet some from your Small Group a few times during the year during one of the services to pray for the body.
  • Maybe the Lord would have you commit to praying regularly in the Prayer Room on your own, even if nobody else you know is there.