The Parenting Ministry at GFC is committed to coming along side of parents to help them learn every day practical ways to live out God’s principles in their parenting. We first and foremost encourage parents to be dependent upon God’s grace and His enabling power, to give them the strength to parent Biblically. We emphasize that the desire to parent Biblically should bemotivated by a desire to glorify God…not to get compliant children. We offer parenting classes for newborns all the way up through the teen years. The names of the classes are…

Preparation for Parenting (for expectant parents)

It is an infant management plan which allows you to successfully and naturally help your infant to synchronize their feeding/wake time and nighttime sleep cycles. This class helps parents establish biblical principles for parenting right from the start. (6 week class, Sunday mornings during the 9:45 service time)

The Babyhood Transitions (5-12 months old)
During these months there will be age-appropriate modifications to the three activities of your baby’s day: feeding time, wake time, and nap time. We will be moving from introducing solid foods to introducing the playpen and everything in
between. (6 week self-book study, followed by a 1 session review)

Preparation for Toddler Years (12-18 months old)
We will still be building on the three activities of your child’s day: feeding time, wake time, and nap time. Additionally, you will be learning how to incorporate high chair manners and beginning the early phases of correction with a biblical mindset. (5week self-book study, followed by a 1 session review)

The Toddlerhood Transitions (18 months-3 years of age)
Continuing with a biblical mindset, this class covers age appropriate methods of correction for this stage of toddlerhood, as well as tips for potty training. (10 week class, Sunday mornings during the 9:45 service time)

The Basic Parenting Class (4 years old to out of the nest)
This class will offer hope to parents who have the desire to parent Biblically, but aren’t really sure how to go about it. The class will emphasize how parents can work together to train a child to the Biblical standard of obedience, as well as gain practical insights for discipline and correction. (10 week class, Sunday mornings during the 9:45 service time)

If you have any interest in attending any of the classes we offer or on individual counseling  concerning parenting issues, please contact Kent & Lisa Ousley at or  call 859-363-7813.