Our Global Missions are driven by the Great Commission to “Go and make disciples of all the nations…”  We engage in this endeavor by commissioning and sending out people from our own body, partnering with other missionaries, sending strategic short-term teams, and working alongside national partners.  We also have our own sending organization,  Ambassadors of Grace International (AoGI) in order to facilitate the particular needs of these ministries and workers.


our commissioned workers…


Blair and Sue Alvidrez – Albania

AoGI Alvidri photo

With less than 1% evangelical Christians in this culturally Muslim country, the church is relatively young and small. Our desire is to strengthen local churches as they evangelize, disciple, and plant new churches in Albania.

Our friends, Blair and Sue Alvidrez, along with their daughter Kathryn, live in Tirana, Albania. They serve the young churches of Albania by equipping them in biblical discipleship and soul care.  

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John and Sandie Dostal – Czech Republic


John, Sandie and their children Caleb, Hannah, Samuel and Abram live in Brno, Czech Republic.  John is the director of 360˚ Rethink, which exists to serve as a catalyst for transformative gospel thinking and living in the Czech Republic.

Only about 0.5% of the people in this highly secularized and atheistic country are evangelical Christians.  Our desire is to encourage and strengthen existing local churches towards intentional biblical community, discipleship, church planting and cultural renewal.  

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Southeast Asia


There is only a handful of people who follow Jesus from this people group who are by law Muslim.

Our desire is that many people will embrace who Jesus is.

Our friends who have moved into the neighborhood are working hard to build bridges of trust with the people who live in their city.

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 Doug and Diane Markesbery – Romania

Markesbery 2014

Romania has the highest ratio of evangelical Christians in Europe.

Our desire is to partner with Romanian churches and organizations to foster a biblical discipleship and soul care movement in these churches.

Our friends, Doug and Diane Markesbery live in Timisoara, Romania. They help the established churches of Romania with training and the implementation of a biblical model of discipleship and soul care.  

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Ken and Beth Long – Germany

Ken & Beth are embarking on a new journey.  They are called to encourage believers in Germany as they evangelize, disciple, and biblically build up the people of God there.  They will be using the gifts and experience that God has given them over the last few decades to help German pastors with a budding Biblical Counseling movement.

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international ministry partners:

Steve and Kelly Baughn – Japan

Dave and Amy Rogers – Uganda

Kim and Annie ColichPapua New Guinea

Diana – North Africa

Daniel and Marietta Tut – Romania

Dana Stankova – Czech Republic

Sakae Bible Church – Japan

Wayne & Susie Vanderwier – Overseas Instruction in Counseling