Grace Kids Buddies Info Meeting

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The vision of Grace Kids is that God would raise up a generation of Christians who have the courage to stand, the confidence to speak up, and hearts to sacrifice for the Lord. In order for that vision to be accomplished, a second vision has come to light – that every child who comes on Sunday mornings would have a great experience.

Not all kids are alike! Some children, for one reason or another, need special attention.

That is where Grace Kids Buddies comes in.

This is an initiative designed to ​provide Buddies for the children who need some one-on-one attention. Buddies show up on Sundays to love and care for one student. In doing that, they minister not only to that student, but to the teacher and the other students in the class.

If you’re interested in learning more about this new initiative, please join us for the upcoming informational meeting.

  • Feb 18

  • 11:15a

  • Florence Campus

  • Room 202