Sunday Morning: Sermon Based

Middle School Sunday School takes place during the 9:45 am service. Our lesson and discussion times are sermon based. We realize our students get a LOT of teaching on Sundays, and we’d like to spend some time digging a little deeper.  We will spend time summarizing the main points of that Sunday’s sermon and really unpacking the question,”What does this sermon mean for me today?”.  So whether your student has or has not already attended service, the time will still be beneficial.

Our current pulpit series is Breaking Free.

Sunday Evening: Glorifying God
People were created to glorify God, but not many people know what that means. In this series, we’re going over:
1. What is God’s glory?
2. What does it mean to glorify God?
3. How do we glorify God?
4. Why do we glorify God?



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