Beginning the weekend of April 6, we’ll be saving our cash by eating beans and rice, then investing that money in two great efforts outside of Grace Fellowship. If this is your first time to do something like this look on the Grace website for links to ideas and recipes.

How It Works

Include beans and rice on your shopping list.  Eat beans and rice for as many meals as you can the week of April 6, and save the cash you’d normally spend on food. The following Sunday, April 13, you can give that cash in an envelope on the offering boxes or write a check with “beans and rice” in the memo line and drop it in the offering box.

If you use social media at all – we can have some fun tweeting or facebooking about bean recipes or things you’re doing with the kids to help them understand what’s going on.  Also, other Cincinnati / NKY churches are doing this at the same time – so if you choose to tweet about it like I will – please use the hashtag #beansandriceweek  

All the money raised goes to Transitions – helping individuals, families and communities by providing addiction recovery services, and Lifeline – Providing basic food and clothing for families.  We will be reporting what you give on Easter Sunday.

Also – you can pray and lead your kids to pray for all the people around the world that live like this or worse every day of the year!If you have dietary restrictions, or maybe a pre-planned birthday dinner, then by all means do what makes sense for you.

Looking for recipes?  Check out our Pinterest Board!

Make sure to grab our shareable graphics! (right-click and select “save image as”)

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